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The National Zoo- Pic Heavy !
I went to the National Zoo here in DC the other day and it was amazing...Here are some pictures I got there and of course I took a bunch of their amphibians!!! Hopefully Ill hear if I got the volunteer job here soon!!

[Image: DSC_0432.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0401.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0400.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0345.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0344.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0342.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0337.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0335.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0334.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0330.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0336.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0325.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0329.jpg]
Yup good free admission. Did you go to the Invert house also?
Dendrobates, Phyllobates, Rantiomeya, Epipedobates
Try to get ahold of Lee Hancock (sp) Bellephron screen name on DB....he was a volunteer there and should know how things work.

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