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Austin TX Dart Frog Breeders ?

Hey I live in Austin TX and im having a hard time finding local dealers here in town and on the net. I have found some on the net but they seem a little pricey and not very trustworthy. Can anyone give me some good dealers online or even in my area ? I am lookin at maybe finding some D. tinctorius or D. Azureus. I was also wondering is anyone knew where I could get a clown tree frog ?


Hi Welcome to an awesome forum.

you could try rich @

or blackjungle or even look in the classifieds section here, theres also a vendor feed back section that has a great amount of valuable info

There are several really good online breeders and you'll pay less there than at any pet store you find locally.

I can personally vouch for (in Dallas) and and of course Rich Frye on this board. There are other very good breeders easily found online.

hello in austin, i was just saying that david moellendorf at zookeeper is great! i don't think he's even selling darts, but go chat him up at work...he's really cool and knowledgeable. tell him hi from mack in new orleans. karen mentioned most of my favorites, but also look at, they are one of the sponsors of this board and the website is great. as for price, sometimes you do get what you pay for.

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