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Viv for a dumpy
So I know most people on here keep pdfs obviously.....but I know some of you keep other species as well. I want to do a nice whites tank for my girlfriend as she finds they adorable. I don't know really anything about them and was wondering if I could be directed to a good care sheet, or previous thread (did a search to no avail). A few questions I have at the moment are....

#1 what species of plants should I use in the viv. I know they need very sturdy species because of their size when full grown
#2 will a 29 vert work okay for one...or even two?
#3 what variety of food should be offered other than crickets....dubia roaches come to mind are they Okay?
#4 what should tank temp be and humidity?
#5 what would be a good place to get one/two? Ill probably have to order....just not sure of a reputable breeder that sells them.

Any help would be great!


Hi Kevin,

I haven't kept anything other than some Cuban Tree frogs, and even that was "way back in the day"....

Best bet is to google Tree Frog care / Forums and go from there.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I'll take a stab at it. I only keep neotropical tree frogs, but WTFs are pretty bulletproof.

1. Look for plants with broad, strong leaves like Anthurium, larger Philodendrons and Monstera, Ficus elastica, etc. Don't forget hardscaping too, branches and sticks will hold up better than any plant.

2. A 29 is fine for one or two, but a vert doesn't have enough ventilation for my comfort. Horizontal with a screen top is better.

3. They will eat anything, including crickets, roaches, pinky mice, other frogs, lizards, snakes, your fingers and small children. Insects are best, resist the temptaion to feed many pinky mice because they can lead to obesity and corneal lipidosis (fat buildup inside the eye).

4. They can handle a pretty wide temp range, shoot for mid 70s to mid 80s during the day and a bit of a drop at night, Short periods of exposure to higher or lower temps are unlikely to cause any trouble. Humidity should be moderate, keep the tank well ventilated and don't let the viv become saturated. If in doubt err on the dry side, they are very efficient at conserving water and can handle drought better than saturation. A dish of clean water should be available to them at all times to soak.

5. I believe Bill Schwinn breeds the Australian blue phase, and Josh's also has them. Keep an eye on the Kingsnake classifieds, they are always available and you can research the seller on the Faunaclassifieds BOI to make sure they are reputable before buying.

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