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Pumilio with SLS -what to do ?

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. Just had my first sls pumilio morph out today with no use of his front legs. Secondly what to do with this little guy. For now I have in a plastic shoe box. Just looking for some suggestions. Thanks

Doctor kavourkian Cry

Sorry that sounded harsh. I just feel it would be best unless you feel the frog can cope with it

That is what I figured. But I was seeing how people do it. I have heard of a few ways.

It would probably be best to euthanize it using whatever method you prefer. I had a couple azurus morph out with SLS due to a temperature spike and I tried to nurse them along. They made it for about a month and eventually died on their own.

One way is to use an "oragel" type benzacaine (sp?) tooth pain relief and freeze.


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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Initial anesthesia with benzocaine (oragel) solution until they are non responsive, then place them into a 70% ethanol solution, or place in a 5% ethanol solution until nonresponsive then into the 70% ethanol solution. This is an acceptable method of euthanisation for amphibians, freezing is considered unacceptable as amphibians can tolerate low temperatures fairly well, and it takes to long to euthanise them. Ethanol is commonly available as vodka.

But 80 proof Vodka is only 40% Ethanol.

I`ll send ya a bottle of me loquat moonshine if you like.

Well thanks for all the info! I put the little guy down the day of the post. And for the moonshine. My wife is from NC and her grandfather use to run liquor Big Grin . So if I ever needed some I have a contact. Thanks though.

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