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National Geographic Little Kitties For Big Cats
Just a $5.00 donation (you can upload a picture of your kitten or cat) will go to save big cats.
Here is the link: ... e-kitties/

Yes, I participated. ... 8861/view/
Very cool !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Here is the response for them via e-mail:
Dear Beth,

Thank you for your gift of $5.00 in support of National Geographic and the Big Cats Initiative. Your donation will help our dedicated researchers and animal conservationists find solutions to the grave threats facing lions, tigers, leopards, and other big cats. But there is cause for cautious optimism, as every few months an exciting new study from one of our researchers crosses my desk that gives us hope we will be able to reverse decades of species decline. And you are an important part of this work, now, too!

The big cats need help, many wild cats are threatened....

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