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New -- Mobile Web Access.
Added a new feature, mobile web access. You can know use your cell phone or pda to access a stripped down version of Dart Den. You can access it via I needed some good reasons to buy my new blackberry. You will not be able to post via the mobile site, but if I get enough response, I will put more time into it and make it a little more interesting. Right now you simple get the forum messages. Please let me know what you think. Everyone get your cell phones out --Corey
That dose it Big Grin gonna have to go and get a blackberry now hahahaha.

been looking for another pro to over come the cons hahahahaha

Thanks Corey :wink:
Great move! When I am out of town I often check a couple things on my dell so I'll have to add this to the list.

Ok,, not to important,, but very useful for me. I added the latest 15 posts to the top of That way you can view the latest posts without having to thumb through everything else. I have to tell yea, I really love my blackberry! Big Grin
what's a blackberry?
A blackberry is a small PDA. Similar to a Palm Pilot in that it will keep your Contacts, Calender, Notes and Tasks. Some features of the blackberry are internet and email which makes it perfect for the business road warrior. I own a computer company Complete IT Solutions, Inc., a blackberry makes a perfect companion for me. So goes my advertisement for RIM. Here is a picture of one.[/url]

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