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Cooling a Viv ?

i doubt many people have this problem, but at the prompting of some friends i'll ask anyway. my friends ask if mini-fridges are under 100 dollars, why can't you just add ac to a tank. it's 4'x4'x2.5' and in the living room, so the normal 'climate control the frog room' answer doesn't work. i know a mini-fridge would burn up too quickly... and that you can get chillers for the water reservoirs, but i wonder how effective would this be for controlling the air temp. anyone got experience or ideas?

oh yeah, i'd like to keep the living room at 75-ish and the tank at 65-ish if that helps.

There are examples of people converting the mini fridges to vivs. Look online for the frog exhibit at the zoo in Madison.

thanks stitch...i had seen those, but assumed that they were broken and just used as boxes...anyway i've got the viv already so it doesn't help me this go around, but is something i'll look into for the future! i actually have a knack for always loving the most difficult creatures...the rarest fish or plants or whatever, and was sooo proud of myself for loving tricolors and vents (the easy guys, right?), then i found out that the morphs i like need cool i'm back to difficult!!! :lol:

Why not just take a couple of comp fans and hook them up to it????

If you don't want to do that then you could try misting a lot.


brooks, i have computer fans wired in (to the viv, not the lights which will be 3/4 open with t5's which shouldn't generate much heat at all), but wonder if i can keep the tank 10-13 degrees below room temp with just fans and misting. the tank is not complete enough to test it yet, and i've never used vent-fans nor an automatic misting system before(both of which the tank has). you think it might work?

i could be wrong but i don't think you will get 10-15 degrees lower on fans and misting.
i have seen portable ac units but they are just as or more expensive than a regular unit. i saw an article on them about a year ago. they roll from room to room. sounds like what you would want but it would be pricey.

Yeah, it might keep them about 5-8 degrees cooler but not much cooler than that. In my 270 gallon viv I have a huge fan and a misting system. It stays pretty cool that way. I also have a window a/c unit right by it to help in the summer ( it is in our old shed)


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