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R. imitator 'varadero' for sale
I have a group of 7 froglet/juvies for sale.
Location- Kalamazoo, MI
Species - R. imitator
Line/Origin - UE
Age - 2-4 oow
Quantity - 7
sex - to young to call
price - See group price
Group Price - $600 shipped.
Shipping Rates & information - will do UPS or fedex
I would like to sell these as a group and have to ship only once.

Typical color variations, these are offspring from unrelated bloodlines....Here are a few pictures for samples of what the color variations look like, NOT ALL frogs in these pictures are available.

[Image: DSCN3869.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3857.jpg]

[Image: DSCN3854.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3853.jpg]
I can do $550 shipped I would like toget these guys sold for more room....I figure shipping to be anywhere from $50 to $90 for FedEx or UPS overnight.
I forgot to add I will refund $15 for the return shipping of the phase 22 packs......
I can do 2 trios for $250 each shipped and a single for $70+ shipping but buyer will pay actual shipping cost. I have more in the works and need some room in the grow out.

Willing to trade 5 'varadero' frogs for a trio of R. Reticulata or R. fantasticus ' Lowland'.
Sold...Thanks for looking will have more in a month or so.
On a side note I will have to increase the trio price to $300 shipped. When I made the price for the trio I hadn't been to FedEx in a long time and overnight standard cost me $110 for shipping with the smallest box that I was able to use....

All frogs that are ready have been sold or spoken for.....Thanks for looking.

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