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10g mini setup drainage?

I was just curious how the 10g mini's are setup for drainage? Do you drill the bottom, have a false bottom or is it even needed on that small of a tank? Smile

We use the pebble method. A false bottom would work too and maybe better.

best bet would be the gravel/pebble set up. if you live close to a hygroponics store you could pick up some clay pellets (leca) tese are much lighter than gravel.

just remember to put fiber glass screening between the layers of gravel and substrate, you can get it from home depot or lowes.

I hope this isn't too dumb of a question, but could you explain the pebble method? I used a false bottom in the first viv I've built, but I am wanting to do a few 10g too and think a false bottom would take up too much room.

sure no problem:

put about 2'' of gravel in the bottom of the tank cut the screen to fit over the gravel and the put your substrate on that. layer of gravel screening layer of substrate.

all it does is improve drainage keepin the humidity up with out a swamp.

you may need to siphon the tank every once in a while but thats not hard

Great thanks a lot Smile


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