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build thread for my 10g vert

Thought i would share my experience and thoughts about building a 10g vert. I will use bullet points and add pics as I can, the project is already completed, just need time to organize thoughts and present material. Principals discussed should apply to any size viv.

Let me start off my saying in hindsight I prob should have built a 15g. I picked up this 10g from the Petco dollar sale. Its was cheap and I had put some priority on the footprint size considering my wife has given me limited space to dedicate to my frogging hobby. I think it turned out really well considering the size. In my opinion, the design makes this viv min usage for keeping a pair of thumbs spec. The cost of going to a 15g would have been nominal. Hindsight is 20/20.

In its current state I have a pair of Intermedius - they seem to be doing well and are very bold. They regularly scout for food. The male does his "calling" and the female does "her thing" often taking no notice of my big face starring at them.

I have found using my pump sprayer and tapping FF into the viv (w my media cup) is a bit cumbersome for this little viv. Although I am not crazy about all the mods needed to make the exo terra FF proof and its apparent weak construction, the cube size and front doors are very user friendly versus the vert door.

So I will now add some photos of the construction process.

Scott - North Dallas
the viv is seeded w iso pods and spring tail culture that was already 4 weeks - i just dumped it into the viv and added additional litter. The Tiers are hollow and provide additional breeding ground for micro fauna. The back wall has areas of clay substrate - I have already observed micro fauna on the clay and the frogs often scale the wall zapping bugs w their tongue.

I think I got the most milage out of a 10 gal you can get. Dont think I would recommend a 10g for people w no experience building vivs. Although I feel i am a novice w frogs, I think my background in reef tanks and reptiles vivs from past have been helpful for me to obtain a better efficiency and quality w my Frog enclosures. What is hard to show in pics is the hours I spent thinking about the setup and moving around loose drift wood and cork etc... trying to work through my design process.

Please let me know if any questions I can share about my build. Also would like to hear opinions or suggestions for me to consider in future builds.

Scott - North Dallas
Nice build Scott....looks like you picked up with the hobby, right where you left off. Nice species choice too.

You're lucky....Dallas area seems to have a real nice amount of hobbyists.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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