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new to darts
Hi, my name is Gretchen, I live in Ketchikan Alaska. I live with a house full of great animals, fish, chameleon, wood frogs, dogs and birds. I have been working on my new Exo tera 36x36x18. I got most the background done (spray foamed in and carved), but still have a ton left to do. Plants have been ordered in case I want to make new starts. I just got my FF yesterday. I plan on getting some frogs in a month or so. I want to be sure I have this whole FF culture thing down really good first. I have no idea what frogs I will choose yet, but I have tones of time and want to learn as much as I can so I make the right choice. Thank you. Gretchen
Welcome to the site! I am sure there are others, but you are first keeper I have heard of in the great state of Alaska. Getting FF down in my opinion, is one of the important steps many first time keepers over look. Once getting a media down, and a routine set for culturing one of the biggest hurdles is accomplished. The next is husbandry. Search, read, and ask questions. There are plenty of people here to help.
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems
Hi Gretchen
Welcome to Dart Den, as Jason said, lots of great info and people to help out. If you havent already, try to get some springtail cultures. These help provide secondary food source and are important in maintaining a healthy bio system in your viv. They are also very easy to cultivate. There are some videos on YouTube by josh's frogs that I recall being helpful - if your audio/visual learner its a nice compliment to all the reading you can do on the subject.

Its also a good idea to network with some locals for trading FF (misc food) in event you have FF Crash - also nice for local frog/ plants/supplies purchases/trades.

Take Care
Scott - North Dallas
I think I'm the only one in Ketchikan that's going to have darts, that's for sure. Its going to be a little tricky, were on a island, Fedx and UPS are $$$$$ to Alaska!!! So I know that if I screw up my FF I could be in trouble. its a little scary getting into this hobby. Ive got lots to learn. Thanks for the welcome.

Thanks Scott, I did order springtails at the same time, I got them from Josh's Frogs. I would be great to network with some locals for trading, I have been asking around, so far there are mostly tree frogs and toads. But you never no?? I would be all over it if I found someone on the island with dartsSmile
Hi Gretchen and Welcome to Dart Den !

I did actually hear of one other Dart Frog Hobbyist in Anchorage back a few years. You sound like you are wading into this in a very responsible way. Slow is good. Definitely learn how to culture fruit flies first. There are several very good dart frog breeders in the Washington state area, so shipping may not be as bad as you think.

Don't be a lot here and then ask your questions. Try to start a thread in a category and we will all help you with whatever you want to know. This is an exciting hobby and I'm sure you will be pleased and rewarded.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thank you! I will post a few pics of my ExoTera in progress. I found Dart Den about a week ago and have done some great reading. And found some amazing pictures that gave me ideas for building my viv. Washington is much closer to me, would be great if I could fine a breeder to set me up with the right darts for my viv.
Hi Gretchen,
welcome to Dart Den!
Alaska, wow, you are on the outskirts Confusedhock:
We would enjoy seeing photos of your vivarium.
You mentioned Washington, there are some great dart frog breeders in the Seattle area.
If you have the opportunity, you might plan a trip to the area, I'm sure the folks there could help you with some wonderful frogs.
Do you have an idea which dart frogs might be your first?

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