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Supplement Schedule?
Hi all. I've got a container of Repashy Vitamin A Plus coming in tomorrow or the next day. I've currently got Repcal Calcium plus D3 and Herptevite. So, with those supplements, how would you recommend I supplement? How many feedings a week, how many supplements? Currently, I'm alternating between the two i have now and feeding every other day. I've got a surplus of flies, so I really could handle feeding every day if that would be better. But the are always some leftover flies in the viv on the non-feeding days. So I generally skip one.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Mark,

Leftover flies after a day, or 2 means you are overfeeding and need to cut back a little. 90% of all flies should be eaten right away or within 24 hours, IMO.

I use 4-5 different Vits and 2 different Calcs
I also use a colour enhancer or 2

There is no set schedule for dusting unless you keep getting bad eggs and then I would get fresh vitamin A and use it 2-3 times a month.

Otherwise....I would dust every other feeding, alternating each one of the supps that you have listed. No worries as long as they are fresh - not older than 6-8 months and not stored in a hot or overly humid condition.

Also, you can skip a day or even 2 days of feeding altogether - where you give that colony no flies whatsoever. A little fast every so often is healthy for frogs kept in captivity.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I do skip one or two days between feedings. One most of the time, but two if I happen to forget one day. They've never gone more than two days without flies (fed Mon. and Thurs. one week). Right now they get a supplement with each feeding, alternating. So you're saying to skip a feeding between the supplement rotation?

Thanks again,
I'd be careful with the Repashy Vitamin A. It's not meant to be used more than once a week. I'd recommend reading the instructions.
It's still on the way here from JoshsFrogs.

Thank you both for your comments.

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