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Now available through DartDen... Wholesale viv supplies. If you're looking for larger quantities just send me an email!!!

Name: Live Oak Leaves
Description: Live oaks are a hardy thick leaf that last a good bit of time in the viv. Great for thumb nail species!! They are a small maybe 3/4" - 2" long leaf. Very pretty dark burnt orngish red color. One of the most popular! (see pic 1)
Price: $3.00 per gallon bag. $2.75 for 10-25 gallons. $2.50 26-50. 51+ Please PM or email for price

Name: Magnolia Leaves
Description: Magnolia's and a beautiful mid to large size leaf. They have the same overall thick hardy structure that a live oak has in a much larger larger leaf. (see pic 2)
Price: $3.00 per gallon bag. $2.75 for 10-25 gallons. $2.50 26-50 51+ please PM or email me.

Name: Sea Grape Leaves
Description: I introduced sea grape leaves a couple of years ago to the frog hobby. It was a well kept secret of southern froggers for a long time. Sea grapes are a hardy VERY pretty leaf that varies greatly in size and color. Dried leaves can range from a yellow squash color, a mint green color, to a dark beautiful red. In my opinion they are my favorite leaf to use. Even in smaller vivs. I just rip the leaves up for smaller tanks and leave them whole in larger terrariums. They last a long time and my frogs love them. They spend a lot of time under them chasing down springs that are loaded under them! (see pic 3)
Price: $3.00 per gallon bag. $2.75 for 10-25 gallons. $2.50 26-50 51+ please PM or email me.

Name: **Strangler fig leaves** NEW LEAF LITTER
Description: Strangler figs are another "new" leaf to the hobby I'm working with. They are a small maybe 1-3" leaf that, unlike the leaves above, isnt all that hardy or "crunchy". It has a much more leathery feel to it. They will last quite a long time in the viv as I'm finding out and are an OUTSTANDING micro fauna leaf. More than any other I've found that these leaves produce a crazy amount of springs. I'm using them mostly as a base layer to get my micro fauna going crazy!! (see pic 4)
Price: $3.00 per gallon bag. $2.75 for 10-25 gallons. $2.50 26-50 51+ please PM or email me.

Name: **Ficus Elastica** NEW LEAF IN THE HOBBY!
Description: These are a GIANT leaf. Up to 18"!! They are thick hardy really cool leaf. As they break down and are eaten by microfauna they leave behind a "skeleton" of the leaf. This is another great microfauna leaf that looks good in large vivs or can be broken up and used in smaller tanks. I've heard people using these as little canoe's. Really cool!!!(see pic 5)
Price: $4.00 for 10 leaves. $17.00 for 50 leaves. 51+ please PM or email me

Name: Indian Almond Leaves
Description: Another huge leaf with a funky shape. They can be used as a leaf litter leaf but more often are used in "tadpole tea" I flatten these leaves for easy shipping. (see pic 6)
Price: I have VERY limited stock at the moment so if you need them order fast!! $4.00 for 10 leaves. $17.00 for 50 leaves.


Great feeder bug!! Really fattens up frogs. Great for WC or frequent breeders!! 1000-1500 bugs in each!!!
$20.00/ box SHIPPED!!! $17ea for 2-4 boxes SHIPPED!! 5-9 $16 ea SHIPPED!! 10+ $14.50ea SHIPPED!!

Description: I've located a source for real wood vines. They are very skinny and easily bent and manuipulated. I've only been using them for a short time but man do they look cool!! (see pic 7)
Price: 6 linear feet of vines for $4.00. 24 linear feet for $20.00 PM or email for larger orders.

ITEM: Driftwood
Decription: These aren't your garden variety pieces of grape or mopani wood. The stuff I sell is incredible natural art. VERY sturdy pieces that will last an eternity in a viv. They are all very unique. Each piece has its own character, color and qualities. Most have holes, arches, and bending structures perfect for mounting broms and plants. I cant stress this enough. These pieces will out live ALL of us in the viv. NO chemicals, pesticides or cleaners have ever been near any of the stuff I sell... When a load comes in all I do is pressure wash it and dry it!!
Price: Please PM me with a general idea of what you're looking for. ie., root ball, twisty, tree trunk, lots of holes, dark or light color etc and I'll get pics to you of what I have to match it. Prices range from $5 - $50 depending on size and COOL FACTOR

VERY VERY little by product in each stuffed bag!! There may be a twig or two or a different type of leaf but I really cant help that lol. I dont boil the leaves but they are cleaned as best I can.

Shipping: Please include your ZIP CODE or address so I can calculate shipping. I charge exact shipping rates.

Thank you as always!!!!
JP ><(((*>

Check out all the great high quality viv supplies I have to offer!!
Location would be good to list.

Name of hobbyist / owner.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Send me a PM on the leaf litter....or anyone else that has some.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I am unable to pm you for some reason Philsuma. Ive got a ton of live oak.
Sorry....just replied to your PM. PM's sit in the outbox until read, they go to your sent box.

Trying to save on shipping and go with at least East Coast leaves.

Awesome Avatar pic btw, snake.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks! I'm getting some females for him any day now!

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