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E. anthonyi "buena esperanza" appreciation

Sorry to hear that bud...keep giving them the A and hopefully they will be good. Maybe split them into two pairs so there wont be any egg eating, I'm sure someone would snap up the extra female.

-Field Smith
Some frogs...

I May split them if it continues to happen but i don't plan on letting one of the females go. I just heard back from Sean and he said that he has brought 30 of the BE in from someone in Germany. He was pretty sure the breeding group these came from were wc makeing these f1.

Posting this pic for Eric.

If you would like a thread on it's own...LMK

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Thanks again Phil. no internet at home is killing me.
Ill keep all stuff BE right in this thread so its all easy to find.

What Was left of the leaf litter ( mostly maple and ash) was buried except for the sea grape. There's a bentonite background with pieces of cork and some boxelder wood. The boxelder is actually pieces from the root structure of the tree since where i collect it the whole root system is exposed from being ripped up by flood waters. I really like this wood. Its quite solid yet light weight and holds up well. Just recently had it identified by dnr forestry via a local frogger who works with the dnr. Pond is about the size of a baseball and this viv is a 40 breeder turned on its side with a sliding front conversion i built. fogger is Set up a well. I had two more broms that were old and started to die of so they were removed. There a peice of wood as well not noticeable sticking straight out the background directly behind the overlap in the doors. The rabbits foot fern is growing out of the hole in the end. I really like the way this viv turned out. I recently added some Ficus pumilia and another plant that has yet to establish and cover the background.

really hard to capture the blue on these guys but its insane in person
[Image: 018.jpg]

this second one is actually a link for a video of a male calling and shows the blue a little better. it should take you to
the video if you click on it.
[Image: th_030.jpg]

Where are the clutch pics bud?

-Field Smith
Some frogs...

Didn't get one of the last one. It would have been through the glass on top and been crappy. The others that went bad had so much substrate tracked over them you wouldn't really even think they were eggs.

Allright so after multiple bad and eaten clutches. Opening the vent to give them a break
And tossing some vit a into the rotation ( thanks again field ). And just plain asking them nicely
To get it together. Iv got a large clutch developing nicely in a watermelon pep leaf that is curled up
Like a funnel high up in the air. Im debating cutting the leaf off and removing it before another female finds it.

Looks like a count of 18 developing eggs. Not a bad one in the clutch

Good news, my zarayunga are breeding like crazy.

Dendrobates, Phyllobates, Rantiomeya, Epipedobates

Hopefully that will be the case here in just a bit

Watched one of the males checking in on the clutch today and right when he did one of the tads gave a good couple wiggles.
They look like they still have a few days left so hopefully I wont miss the transport over the weekend while im out of town.

Just giving caspers tip on posting a picture from a phone a try since iv never been able to do it.

[Image: 2012-10-17141237.jpg]

Notice the bright yellow flash mark inside the creases of the knee. Tried for months to get a picture of this and finally did

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