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having trouble keeping humidity level
I dont have my frogs yet, I want to make sure my set up is good to go before I add them... Its been up for about a week, and so far the temp is holding steady at 72-75 F, but humidity stays around 55-60%. right after i mist it will jump to 80, then within 30 min or so it declines again. I have an 18X18X24 exo-terra & plan to get 2 azureus, so I need the humidity to stay around 80-100%. I used hydroballs & mesh then eco-earth. I have a waterfall feature & made a stream too, looks awesome (camera busted, cant post a pic yet) i have Sphagnum moss covering about 1/4 of the bottom, 1 live plant & 4 fake plants, a rock that has a good hide spot & a coco hut. to cover the mesh on top I cut a plastic mudflap (made for dog house doorways) to fit it ... it's about 98% covered, only a small strip less than 1/4 inch still uncovered. any advise on what else I can do to hold more humidity? Thanks for any input!
Go to Lowes or Home depot and take a cardboard tracing of the top of the Exo.....actually use TWO pieces of card board as the exo has that plastic divider / ridge in the center right ?

Cut glass at Lowes or Home depot is @ 8.00 for the two sections that you need.

Your frogs are worth $8.00 right ? Don't skimp and use the plastic dog flap... sure you get some sandpaper or emory cloth and sand the rough edges of the fresh cut glass.

A proper glass top (2 sections that fit nicely - edge to edge) will solve your humidity problems.

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def. worth the $8.00, i was trying the mud flap cause i didn't know were to get glass cut. Didn't know home depot did it. Thanks for the cardboard suggestion, that will make it easy! cant wait to get a new camera so I can post pics! Smile
Pics will be great...we can help and advise you a lot better / quicker with pics.

You can also get a small plastic knob while you are at the hardware store....the kind the sell to put on cabinets and bathroom drawers ect. You can get a small size of silicone and affix the knob on each section of glass and then just lay the glass section right on top of the exoterra screens. You can "open" them up and slide them around a bit - makes em' adjustable !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Lowes, Home Depot and Ace hardware will cut glass for you. I know Ace was tired of seeing my come in.
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How are you measuring the humidity? Could it be a faulty gauge?
Those cheapo exoterra dial gauges are indeed, complete crap.

You'll still need the glass top though.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yeppers, the glass top is a must have. It would be so much better if it was 1/4", tho, but it's hard to come by unless you have a glass company really close by.

Way back when I first got into the hobby, I nearly went nuts before I figured out that the gauge was bad. No, wait - I AM nuts.......go figure Wink
any recommendations for a reliable hum. gauge that isn't really expensive???
the best gauge is...your eyes and hand. Seriously.

Room temperatue and make sure your lights don't throw off too much heat.


Look and FEEL for condensation on the glass and substrate. I know it sounds dismissive, but there are really no good "made for the hobby" gauges to be found. They are all cheapo and have WAY less than accurate readings.

I WOULD recommend a good $37.00 temperature "gun" with red laser beam. Google "Pro Exotics". THAT tool is a lifesaver.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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