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I currently have an 12 inch ESU SuperUV daylight reptile/amphibian bulb and it fits all the way across my tank. Im not sure about the wattage though. I have plant growth but it is slow, could I possibly have too low of a bulb for good viv lighting and plant growth ? If so what lighting fixtures/set -ups would people recommend. Or, is this enough lighting???

hey, do you ever go to cafe mundi in austin? they are an alternative-type coffeehouse with an amazing garden...if not check it out, and tell 'em mack says hi. i have more friends working at spiderhouse right now, but mundi rocks in the afternoons!

as for the lights, normal flourescents don't penetrate very far, so depending on the depth of your tank you may need a bit more. normal tubes are fine, mix 'warm' and 'cool' bulbs for best effect. are you using UV to help the frogs? some do and some don't, but either way you should know that glass and acrylic cut out 99% of the UV, so if your cover is either, the UV is wasted. screen and op4 acrylic(maybe available from first calss aquatics) are options which allow UV transmission. oh, and one other important factor is that flourescents degrade pretty quickly, so you need to change bulbs every 8 months to one year. you cannot see the difference in light output, but the plants know!

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