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Horizontal setup ok for frogs ?
I am thinking of using a 20 or 30 tall and leaving it in the horizontal position to maximize both vertical and horizontal space. I am thinking I will just cover with a glass top, no ventilation. Are there any major pitfalls to using a regular aquarium in a horizontal setup?
Thanks :mrgreen:
do you want misting systems, water feature, or drainage? add cost of drilling holes. I have a trad glass viv w min vents. I used living edge and had glass cut for front side and used Lexan for back side. Lexan will not warp and can be easily drilled but its expensive. As mentioned, I also put FF proof holes in top for minimal vents (more for heat escape). Humidity usually stays high. I also have an exo terra that has no vents - there are 3 tillansias that are growing well despite lack of airflow. I prob open the viv 2-3 times a day for feeding, spray or just to vent it. No issues w heat ( i use LED lights in an exo terra hood)

Hope this helps
Scott - North Dallas
If you can afford it (or wait)....get a FRONT opening viv. You be glad you did, over a "fish tank" style.

Read this thread from start to finish....


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
RanaVenenosa Wrote:do you want misting systems, water feature, or drainage? add cost of drilling holes.

Good question. I could also use some help on water maintenance....I think no misting system, but yes on the water feature.
I am not real clear on drainage. I am the type that would want to be able to drain and refresh the water supply. I would imagine the easiest way to do that would be a drainage hole??? However, I have been looking at ways of filtering the water to make the system somewhat self sustaining and also to avoid needing to drill any holes. Would a water feature with a pump effectively filter the water by pulling it through the substrate?
I have also considered making a pool separate from the substrate so the water can be siphoned out and replaced regularly.

As far as the "container", I really want something with lots of space for the frogs. That is really why I asked about the aquariums--more bang for the buck. I did see a 30x12x18 terrarium yesterday. I think I will build my plans around that after reading the thread linked here

Thank you both. I look forward to reading your opinions on drainage Smile [please]
Do you want show viv or "projects style" row housing... having used both std aquarium and nicer exo terra, no such thing as bang for buck if you want wow factor. If you have mult tanks, supplies laying around, plant clippings from old vivs, then yeah, maybe you can save some cash, but first or second build, your gonna spend $ on stuff you havent even thought of yet... as Phil said, read as much as you can. Start a list of supplies and start shopping. I made 50 trips to home depot in one week.... not really but felt like it.

Assuming a "sealed" viv, (no drain) If you use false bottom w pump to move water and have some gravel and substrate/plants and keep frogs at 1 per 10 gal, maybe 25% water chg every 3-4 months in an established viv. Do nitrate and ammonia checks after few months to make sure your bio system has cycled. The bigger the viv and water volume, the longer it will take to get dirty. To paraphrase Rich Frye - best way to deal with Pollution is by Dilution. : )
Scott - North Dallas
There was a great thread on the benefits of front opening vivs versus the tradtional "top opening" fish tanks....I can't seem to find it. I think it started out on another topic and morphed into front opening talk.....still can't find it. Maybe someone can find it.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I found this one.....post22530.html?hilit=converted%20aquarium#p22530

Not one person preferred the fish tank setup. I guess that's all I need to know!!
That's the one ! Nice find.

Trust me (us)....front opening is SO much easier for maintenance and dealing with the frogs, feeding, ect ect.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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