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Hobby / Community issues, alerts and WARNINGS !
There are specific Hobby / Community Warnings on certain companies, businesses and individuals. They are ALL found in the "Transaction Feedback and Vendor Ratings" and you must register here on Dart Den, create an account (agree to our website Terms of Service User agreement) to be able to view that specific subforum.


I encourage everyone to register and read the above forum.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Dart Den is committed to Community-wide Hobby alerts and warnings..always has been.

The proper venue for MOST announcements of this nature is the 'Feedback' subforum. It is a members only forum, and it's important that it stays that way. The only people that can view that subforum are members of Dart Den and as such, have acknowledged the Terms of Service Agreement here. This is important in that it insulates Dart Den against someone being able to say, that 'stuff' is being broadcast all over the interwebs and becomes grounds for a lawsuit. Our attorneys have agreed that this is a good and prudent measure to take. There is no discussion on this. There is no argument against this procedure. It is the way it is.

Any hobbyist or potential hobbyist is encouraged to join Dart Den (and agree to the TOS) and thus become aware and informed of such community issues. That is an easy thing to do. To say that info is hidden or not available to the 'public' is silly and fallacious. we cannot be a billboard for the world. We can only help and assist those hobbyists who are genuinely and properly interested in the hobby and wish to join this forum.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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