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Are 'Pill Bugs" ok in the Vivarium ?

Somehow I have seen some baby pill bugs in my tank which is scaring me. I don't know how they got in there but don't they eat plants ? I believe they are harmful but not really sure, will anyone verify ? If so, is there any easy way I can get rid of them ?


If they are babies, they will be good food. If by baby you mean small adult, leave them. They may breed. I think they eat dead plant matter. Usually they can be found under rotten logs. Visit for some information. As you will see, people pay to have them.

They should be of no harm. They will actually help keep your tank "clean". There are several places that actually sell them for this purpose.


Pill bugs, isopods or woodlice are all detritavores. They eat dead and dying plant material. The frogs may eat small ones, but there is not too much data suggesting that they eat them in the wild. I have many in mine, and have been told by a few local breeders that they are a good sign of a healthy tank. Nothing to worry about.

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