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What does amphibian ringers treat?
I've been reading about what to include in a froggy medicine cabinet. When I search "amphibian ringers" I can find recipes, but I can't seem to figure out what it treats. I think it is for dehydration, and if that is so could someone please tell me what symptoms are indicative of dehydration in poison dart frogs?

Thank you,
Patricia :mrgreen:
From Rob Oz, I believe - Amphibian Ringers Solution is an isotonic solution specifically formulated for amphibians. It is applied as a soak or bath for frogs that become acutely ill. It can also be used as an initial treatment for bloat. Amphibian Ringers Solution will not cure any underlying illness, but is instead used as a supportive treatment.

From me....use caution when trying to assemble a "medicine kit" for your animals as you will usually spend a lot of $$ and most medicines have a short shelf life and expire in the house prior to being used. I recommend obtaining meds from a Vet as, and when needed, instead of stockpiling them.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil. Anything that is an absolute must to have around besides vitamin suppliments? I was just reading about seizures and calcium RescueCal Plus a good thing to have on hand or can the calcium plus D3 suppliment be used in that case?
It's best to use a rotation of supps and 2 different calc sources.

Rapashy is pretty much a must.
and then 2-3 vits are good used in rotation. 3 different threads on rotation in the subforum.

That's it for dart frog care / husbandry....just the superfine supps. No other products.

Rescue cal is new ? First time I saw it. The pumilio and thumbs that need the calcium increase are usually animals that recieved less than steller care from someone, or "bad" / expired supps....something of that nature.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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