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How to set up a Viv without making it a swamp

Can some one tell me how to make a simple setup for a dart frog, and how do you keep it from looking like a swampy mess ?
Do they have to have UV lighting ?

Oh, and I would like to have a pair of leucomelas.

If you are serious about getting started then do the right thing and read everything on this forum as well as anything else you can get yer mitts on. Then when you have specific questions you will find abundant help in fine tuning your setup.


First is decide on frogs. So you have picked leucs. Then buy a tank - I would get a 20 gal, or 15.

Then get the glass lid cut, very easy just measure and go to hardware store. While your there get some lighting crate, wire mesh for windows, i can nver remember if its the nylon or fiberglass my partner handles hardware, Also find something to support your false bottom, lay in support columns, lay in lighting crate false bottom, put wire mesh substrate divider on top. Get some clay pellets, more substrate divider, Cocobedding soil mix, plant and mosses and leaf litter.

Some extras include backgrounds, waterfalls, hiding your false bottom, If this doesnt make sense let me know.

For food (Fruit Flies) , get melonagaster and try to start breeding them yourself. Buy rep cal and herptivite powders for supplementing, a hand mister for daily misting.

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