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Viv height
I'm sure this question has been asked a million times, but I couldn't find an answer no matter how I searched....What species would do well in a 20g long? The height is only 13 inches. Would it be ok for auratus?
A pair would be fine in there.
Dendrobates, Phyllobates, Rantiomeya, Epipedobates
I had some Auratus in a 20l and they didnt like it. Always wanting to climb - now they are in a 29vert -

Do you like Azureus ? A pair would do nice - personally I think they would tolerate it better.
Scott - North Dallas
I do like azureus. Would any tincs be ok?
I dont keep tincs, so dont know the idiosyncrasies of morphs - there are other nice small frogs that are under appreciated you might consider: D Truncatus, P. Vittatus, or Hyloxalus Azureiventris. These frogs are small enough that a branch on its side and some pothos should allow them some feeling of security if they want to get off the ground in a 20L.
Scott - North Dallas
Another thought - glass tanks are dirt cheap - You will spend good $$ on getting your viv set up nice - spending another $35 or so to get a Petco tank or used one ... $$ wise it is a drop in the bucket. If it were me, Id put the 20L aside as a grow out tank or sell it and get you a 29g or a equal size Zoomed for the front door. That is the perfect size - has enough height to allow some climbing which most if not all darts would do in the wild. In the long run I think you will be better off.

Good luck
Scott - North Dallas
The 20 long is a viv. It's made by a guy locally, but sold in stores near me. They have 29's too. I could do that.vI already have a stand that I'd like to use so I was looking at the 20 long for the footprint, but the 29 would also work.
I will look at the other frogs you suggested, too. Thanks so much for your help Smile
A 29 is going to be the same footprint as a 20L, just taller, so the stand will still work (and you will have a a tank with more usable space). Once you factor in the drainage layer and substrate, you aren't going to have much space left...go for the 29 you will happier in the long run for sure. Side Note: 20Ls work great as cutting propogation tanks, especially for creeping plants...just a thought.
-Field Smith
Some frogs...

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