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Understory Update - Sept and Dec 2011
I recieved this mass emailing in my personal email account and thought it was worthy of reposting here. By, 'worthy', I mean well written and excellent for the hobby .I do not make it a point to repost other companies advertisements and even though Mark is more than welcome to come here and post himself.....I will gladly make this exception.

Understory Update - September 2011
We hope everyone enjoyed as nice a summer as we had in South Western Ontario. As autumn arrives we have many frogs ready to be shipped. Amongst these are the first Mantella froglets of 2011. We have a nice supply of aurantiaca as well as more conservative numbers of crocea, pulchra, and anticipate very limited number of laevigata. Betsileo are coming but will be a little further behind. More importantly, we have committed to donate 15% of all Mantella sales (before applicable taxes) to the Association Mitsinjo Amphibian conservation initiative in Madagascar. To read more about this important endeavour, please read this summary provided by Devin Edmonds who helped spear head the endeavour. We think it is a fantastic effort and we are glad to be able contribute to it. Your patronage of Understory, regardless of what frog, plant, or product you purchase, helps ensure that we remain capable of contributing financially to efforts such as those under way at Association Mitsinjo.

The glass frogs continue to crawl out of the water at a steady pace, and we are finally moving through the wait lists at a decent pace. If Hylalinobatrachium valerioi interest you, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Not only will you receive some amazing frogs, but you will be supporting the fantastic work of the CRARC. On the same vein, we have a nice supply of 3+ month old Hylomantis lemur available now as well.

Our Ranitomeya selection is fairly robust at the moment, some of the highlights being Iquitos R. reticulata, the “Caynarachi” fantastica, as well as flavovitatta, benedicta, and a really nice selection of both the Blackwater and Iquitos Red Orange ventrimaculata to name but a few.

If Ameerega are your thing then we have a few species that might be of interest. Another nice crop of intensely coloured Sisa bassleri have just reached shipping size, and we have a few nice Abiseo pepperi as well. For those of you truly enamoured with the Ameerega, you might want to try the handsome altamazonica. We have several sub-adult Sisa altamazonica ready to go now.
As usual we have a nice selection of auratus, leucomelas, and a handful of tinctorius morphs as well.

Reptile Shows - After 10 years of near perfect attendance at the reptile expos in the Greater Toronto area, we have decided to scale down our attendance to just two shows a year. In 2012 we will only attend the spring show, and the fall Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo. Our busy schedule and increasing obligations in South America have brought us to this decision. We will not be in attendance to any of the remaining 2011 reptile expo’s in Ontario.

European Distribution – for many years now we have worked either exclusively or semi-exclusively with one company or another in Europe. For the last 3 years we have shipped our frogs exclusively to PFI in Holland. As our business grows and selection broadens we have been forced to reconsider how we handle business in Europe. In order to help make our frogs more accessible to collectors throughout the EU, we have recently begun shipping sporadically as well to Short’s Tropical Connection (Christopher Short). Hopefully with this additional source for our frogs in Europe, both shops and collectors alike will have easier access to our frogs. We invite anyone in Europe who has an interest in any of our frogs to contact us directly and we will be glad to help coordinate the acquisition through one of these two channels.

Amphibian Ark – Ron Gagliardo has brought it to our attention that Amphibian Ark has a 2012 calendar available for sale now. To purchase this calendar, and learn more about the Ark, visit them here.

As always do not hesitate to email us or call for more information. Many new projects are in the works, so stay tuned for exciting updates shortly.

Thanks for your time,

M. Pepper
Understory Enterprises Inc.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Understory Update - December 2011
News from Colombia!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of the first unquestionably legal, captive bred shipment of Colombian frogs ever. This is the result of nearly a decade’s worth of work by the team at Tesoros de Colombia Sustainable Farm SAS. The hard work and investment of both time and money which has gone into this venture is nearly unfathomable, and we hope that hobbyists will appreciate this opportunity to purchase these wonderful Colombian frogs and support another pioneering best practice business operating within Latin America.

Understory has been involved with Tesoros for nearly 4 years now, mainly on a consultation level. Our role will now shift to being not only the global distributor, but also a breeding partner. We will open up a great deal of space in our facility in Canada to enhance the production capacity of this endeavour. By Understory undertaking to reproduce these species as well, space and resources in Colombia can be better appropriated towards working with additional species, rather than continual production of already familiar but still desirable species. Colombian frogs, bred at the facility of UE in Canada will be distributed globally, and a full 50% of these sales are entitled to Tesoros. This will help ensure them a competitive place in the market, and ensure long term viability of this ground-breaking effort.

The obvious question now is which species are available? For now we offer a very limited number of striking, F1 yellow Dendrobates truncates, from Nilo, Colombia. The colours are a vivid electric yellow, and the frogs really are quite stunning, and they are locality specific!

Quite certainly many of you reading this must be wondering,” what about the Oophaga and Andinobates species?” Well, we are optimistic that there will be a very limited availability of these species in the coming years. However at this time it is too early to speculate when, what and in what quantity. Please be assured that everyone involved is working incredibly hard to ensure this project will eventually make available the most extensive selection of amazing Colombian Dendrobatids possible.

Thanks to you all for your past and continued patronage. As long as we have the support of amphibian enthusiasts across the globe, we will continue to develop our collaborative efforts and partnerships in Latin America to bring the best of these countries to you in an sustainable and completely ethical, legal fashion.

Best regards and Happy Holidays,

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I know one frequent poster who is gonna be psyched about the truncatus...I'm sure he will chime in soon. I'm wondering what Andinobates sp. they are going to be working with.
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
Yeah... hopefully Scott can get some of those "yellows" - first run import.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
^^^ he posted on DB before here ! For shame.....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:^^^ he posted on DB before here ! For shame.....
Haha Phil, I just saw that too! C'mon Scott...
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
Hey ya,ll - sorry am staring at my colony of blue truncatus!!!!! next to my colony of yellow truncs!! but not F1s .... I will ping Mark and see what these will set me back. I am tempted to wait for some blue imports w even better color - hope anyway : )

so yeah, understory is on the game now!
Scott - North Dallas
The price on the F1 looks to be $75 for 1/2 grown to 3/4 grown frogs. That is more or less same price as current stock. The reason Truncs command twice the usual price of more common frogs is their rarity. In my opinion they are one of the top picks for a first frog. Why? nice call, group friendly, dynamic social behavior, bold and hardy, striking appearance although its more of a "neon" color than the intense or subdued opaque hues you get from tincs, pums, galacs etc..

I plan to buy some of these, but it will be early spring before I can do anything.

If anyone wants to see Truncs in person, your welcome to visit, just send me a PM.

Take Care
Scott - North Dallas

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