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Mopani Driftwood??

I am a newbie. I have been reading everywhere I can about my new houseguests (which i don't have yet, want to condition vivarium first ). I am going to get a sexed pair of azureus. Figured the best way to do it with a 30 gal. Viv. I am in the process of buying all the materials to get it up and running and came across " African Mopani Driftwood" on ebay. I have never seen this type of wood mentioned anywhere in what I have read, but it looks like a really nice wood. Does anyone have any idea if this would be good to use in a tropical setting. I wouldn't want to hurt the froggies or have to replace the wood because of mold, etc....

mold will grow in most ne w vivs and dissapear in time as for the wood your dicribing I have no idea I use alot of wallaby wood (malaysian)
ghost wood works well and cork is good

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