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newbie questions on Viv construction

i am new to dart frogs but i have kept other herps (ie snakes turtle tree frogs etc)

and would like to try dart frogs and have a few questions

1 Is there a different way to have good drainage instead of using a false bottom ?

2 What are some good plants for a ten gallon viv ?

3 What kind of lighting is best ?

4 Could I have a small water fall in a 10 gallon and how would I make it ?

5 What do I use for a sub

6 Whats a good beginner dart frog ? (I like leucs)

7 What kind of tank furnishing should be used ?

Well those are all the questions for now. Thanks !

I am by far not the best at darts, but I can try and help.

1. Yes, you can have gravel and LECA. Gravel is very heavy though
2. Look at black jungle or email harry at
3. This one I don't really know Confusedhock:
4. Water fall can be made in a ten, but they would be hard - think about it.
5. What do you mean by sub?
6. Leucs are fine
7. Again, look at black jungle.

By the way I would also try for a 15 or 20 gallon instead of a ten.


I'm new too. but I may be able to help.

1 is there a different way to have good drainage instead of using a false bottom? False bottom is fine, I use lava rock cause it's very light and porus

2 what are some good plants for a ten gallon viv? There are many plants to use. keep moisture requirments in mind swamp or bog plants are ideal. pathos ivy, elephant ear, fun stuff like venus fly traps, orchids are great if you can keep them moist but not soaked.

3 wat kind of lighting? What ever lighting the plants require. frogs don't need a specific brightness. I use 50/50 power compacts.

4 could i have a small water fall in a 10 gallon and how would i make it? You can probrobly find a small waterfall at your local pet shop just make sure the water isn't ever deeper than your frog can stand in, they aren't very good swimmers. The other frogs laugh at that. Big Grin

5 what do i use for a sub I've gotten moss from the woods near my house. It works and looks awesome.

6 whats a good beginner dart frog (i like leucs) My first two frogs are a azures and a green/black auratus. if you study and meet care requirements you'll do fine.

7 what kind of tank furnishing should be used? Cypress wood wood works great. most other wood will rot or get moldy. Do not use grapevine or malasian drift wood. other rocks plants coconut husks and stuff are nice
well those are all the questions that i need asnwerd for now

Good luck. have fun. and learn how to grow fruit flies. Big Grin

Quaz, What is you experience with Malaysian driftwood? I was under the impression that it is used in the aquarium hobby and would be good for a viv too. Please share.

in my humble opinion Malaysian driftwood will work just fine.

I use malaysion drift wood (also called qallaby wood) it doesn't mold, or rot it is used in aquariums with great success.

thank for answering my questions

can you post some pictures of your vivs? i wana get an idea of one i looked on the internet but the ones on there like like they cost over $1000

and can u explain how to make the false bottom to me?

thank you

i forgot to ask how do u clean the tank with all those plants? does the tank clean its self?

I have a crapy camera, but here is a try. Still working on it.
[Image: MyPictures0002.jpg]
[Image: MyPictures50050001.jpg]

whats the stuff on the wall??

Are you kidding me about the drift wood? The wholesaler I get it from can't keep mold off of it in his warehouse it's so bad. I don't know what the humidity is in your vivariums but at 75+% I had a heck of a time with whitish green fuzzy mold.
I don't know. Maybe it's me. maybe it was the wood it's self. But cypress drift wood is by far my favorate. I haven't used ghost wood. heard it works well.
My experience in the hobby isn't very vast as of yet. After a lot of research I've only had my frogs for a few months. much experience with other amphibians and reptiles.

about keeping your cage clean. A simple wipe down with a clean cloth works great on glass. And I like to switch out flowering plants when they are in bloom, like orchids. You can use holding cups to slip in or out your potted plant as well. Use one pot to hold an opening in your substrate, and some times to keep out water, and use the same size pot to hold your plant and slip it into the first.

Mantella Guy, how big is that cage?

i just wanted to pipe in to remind folks that if you use a venus flytrap, make sure it's potted so that you can pull it out easily and let it go dormant in your refrigerator for 4-5 months each winter...venus flytraps can live for 40 years, but you gotta treat them right!

That tank is 270 gallons. The pics don't show the shelf it is on.

Dang! has anyone seen the vivariums on the aquarium design group web page I think. They are a big design and aquarium maintenance company out of Houston tx.
Check out their website. it's nice. And sorry if I offended anyone about driftwood preference, mine may have been going through a phase when I first set it up. i've heard of an initial bit of mold that goes away, but it sucked when it happend. I tore down a beautifull terrarium. :roll:

False bottom. From my understanding it's open space under your substrate used for a water basin or drainage. An egg crate material or screen held up by some kind of support like pvc pipe is used to keep your substrate from falling through. Look a little on the internet I'm sure you'll find plenty of examples and ideas.

as far as cost for your vivarium. it's all up to you. here's mine
28gal (petsmart) bowfront $97
28bow stand $89
power compact light $99
lava rock waterfall $diy free materials
cypress drift wood (petco) $14
lava rock gravel (lowes) $3.79
cool ground moss $back woods hike
pathos ivy $ clipping from mom's plant
orchid (walmart) $12.95
3 misc. potted tropicals $ 9
mini-jet 404(for waterfall) $20
hygrometer $ 5
D. Azures (local breeder) $60
D. Auratus $60

Oh my God, my wife is going to kill me if she see's this. Confusedhock:

that is alot of money
i dont think ill be spending that much
i think $97 for a tank is alittle much i got a 50 gallon for free but i plan on using a 10 gallon to try it out n see how everything works

That'll be a good start. I had this tank for a few years now. Untill now it's been a saltwater reef tank. 10 is a fine dart frog tank. good luck, have fun

i set up my 30 gal frog ready for about 150.00 and i think it looks pretty got for my first viv. sad to say the most expensive part is the frogs. my viv was setup for a year before i got my first pair of auratus. the only thing added since the initial setup is the nepenthes and the size wong.

That looks nice. do you also have a reef tank. your avator looks like a rose bubble tip anemone.

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