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is my house too cold for my frogs?
Is my house too cold for poison dart frogs?

I have some babies that a friend is allowing me to raise, they are nearly two months old (I have had them since they were tadpoles) and they have been thriving until now. The weather has turned cold in the past few days and I have an old, cold house. In the winter my house is usually 60 at night and 65-67 in the day. The first night it got cold was Saturday and the frogs have been sluggish since then, and not eating well. (They generally look for fruit flies whenever they see me and eat an amazing number of them.)

I can't afford to keep my house much warmer and I'm wondering if I need to get these babies back to their owner. Or if there is any way to keep them healthy here,

Just for more info....where do you live ? What state ?

60F at night is not too bad. Do you have a light and a glass fitted lid. Lights can raise the temps during the day by more than 5-8 degrees.

60F and less may equate to less food intake and then yes....the animals will start to go downhill, health-wise. If you are new and unsure of many aspects of dart frog care, then yes, you are at an extreme disadvantage.

My advice would be to give them back. It seems like you are heavily leaning that way to begin with.

What species are they ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Three different types: a Patricia, a nikita and a bakhus (not sure if I have this one right) (or any of them) . I was possibly going to keep two males (if I wound up with two males). Or just give them all back at some point, as much as I do like them.

I live in East Tennessee. The frogs are in a plastic "tank" with a plastic fitted lid. And I do have a light. The person who owns them has a lot of experience with frogs and set the tank up. She doesn't have experience with my cold house, however. Her house is warmer.
You can always return them and then next spring or summer.....try to keep some at that time, when it's warmer.

Maybe things will change and one day, you'll be in a better position to keep some frogs.

I think it's VERY responsible of you to mention the option of returning them. That's very decent of you !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Its a little warmer today and the frogs were doing better. And I took them back because there is no way around it, this house just gets too cold.

The owner already mentioned letting me keep some next summer, which would be nice. If I ever live in a warmer house, I'll consider having my own. I enjoyed having them. My living room is strangely empty now.....

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