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Dendrobates leucomelas for sale in TN
I have five Dendrobates leucomelas froglets that need a home. Any one interested, please contact me. I am below knoxville tennessee about 40 minutes. They have been otw for about three months now. Thanks.
I also have an adult green and bronze aratus(most likely a male) and two adult Phyllobatws vittatus(females I think) available.
Check your PM.
I have a young leuc now otw for three weeks now and another one that has just emerged. I noticed one of the older ones has a bad leg, so it would be free to anyone wanting to buy the group. I would like $150.00 for the group of seven leucs. I would like $20 each for the adult PV's and $40 for the adult G&B Auratus. Thanks, Johnny.
P.S. My frogs keep laying eggs, so I will have more frogs in the future.
No longer available

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