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Howdy from Utah

I have been keeping fish for years but recently have ventured into Vivariums and Dart Frogs.
I also have been studying biology for most of my life.
I have a fish/frog room (AKA My 'Lab') that has 18 tanks (8 aquariums and 10 frog tanks)
I currently only have 2 of the frog tanks up and running but I am working on the others!
I currently have 3 young D. tinc 'Patricia' and 3 young D. tinc 'Cobalt'.
Most of the fish I keep are from south or central Amarica.
I also study insects and plants.

Here are some pictures of the stuff in my 'lab' ... Enjoy!

[Image: WH3Cw.jpg]

[Image: 5ghax.jpg]

[Image: eCmoD.jpg]

[Image: Ac3T1.jpg]

[Image: EocDo.jpg]

[Image: Jq0B8.jpg]

[Image: KQ5q8.jpg]

[Image: n0k4n.jpg]

[Image: UALr9.jpg]

[Image: DtDhU.jpg]
Welcome to Dart Den Craig !

Very nice stuff you have there. Utah ?.....I know of 3-4 other froggers from your area.

Please enjoy yourself here and hesitate to ask any questions that you may have.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks, its good to be here! Yeah there is a decent sized frog scene here in Utah. We actually had a get together last night.

I will have lots of questions in the future once I get settled in a bit.

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