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Plumbing help needed
I am in the planning stages for my first build, a 30 gal. tall; 24 in. x 12 in. x 24 in. I want to put in a waterfall, a fogger, a small 2 gallon pond, and a mist system. The fogger would be just for a light fog at the top of the waterfall for appearances only, not for humidity. I would like for the water to go from the pond, through a bulkhead, into a canister filter located in the stand under the tank, and then the filtered water to supply the waterfall, fogger, and mister. I was thinking about using the Mist King starter kit, a reptifogger, and not sure what kind or size of canister filter. The waterfall and fogger would be on constantly, and the mister would be on a timer. I know I would have to build a manifold and have the timer control a solenoid for the mister, I'm just having a hard time with the specifics. Anyone have any ideas?
If you have live plants I don't see the need for the cannister filter. A powerhead in the pond would serve the purpose well. From an aesthetics point of view I dont see the difference between having a powerhead in the pond rather than a bulkhead with a strainer. Your plan sounds pretty complicated to me.
There would be a killifish in the pond, so I assume I would need some sort of filter to not only clean the water for the fish, but also to prevent clogging any of the lines?
I am new to dart frogs. However I have kept and bred fish for over 20 years. Two gallons of water is not nearly enough for any Killifish species that I am aware of.
What about Kryptolebias marmoratus or Rivulus xiphidius. I've read that a single one can be kept in 2 to 2.5 gallons.
I am sure it has been done. That doesnt mean it was a good idea. The man focus of the Viv will be the frogs so why bother with fish?
Well I certainly don't want to torture the fish, so I might have to leave out the pond. The main focus for me isn't just the frogs, it is to see if it could be done or not. Where's the fun in doing something easy? Any fish that could thrive in this size pond? I know I've seen fish in tiny aquariums, like those small desktop sealed units with a plant inside, but I imagine the fish wasn't very happy.
I think that the guy who invented those desktop aquariums should be buried in one. I will think on a species that would work for you. Killifish are not exactly easy fish to begin with.
There are at least 2-3 threads on fish and frogs here - 1 mentions killi's specifically. Let me try to search for them....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
look into Endler live bearers...they don't need heated water, and the boys are flashy looking...easy keepers...

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