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Ranitomeya Imitator's for sale- Nabor's Line. PA pick up

I have 3 froglets for sale. They are the standard or "nominant" imitators.
They are Nabor's line, and I acquired the parents from Chris K. out of Shillington PA.
These froglets are available by pick up only near my home in Lebanon PA, OR by special arrangement I can meet up with you in the Harrisburg or Lancaster areas, on a weekend.

My zip code for travel calculations is 17046.

$55 each, or all 3 for $140

All froglets are feeding well on Springtails, melanogaster fruitlies and turkish gliders.

Froglet #1:
[Image: Froglet1624edit.jpg]
[Image: Froglet16242.jpg]

Froglet #2:
[Image: Froglet2821edit.jpg]

Froglet #3:
[Image: Froglet3904edit.jpg]

Could be delivered to Hamburg on Sat as long as paypal payment is made in advance!

If you are interested in these guys and are local, feel free to message me. I'll be doing a special deal on the 3 of them.

These guys are still available.

$110 for the 3 froglets

Still have these guys- as well as a 4th froglet who appears to be 3- 4 weeks out of the water. Really need to move these guys to help pay for medical bills that are piling up.

These are excellent frogs Kim out here.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Can you meet me in Hamburg Dec. 3rd if your going? Or if your going to be in the Harrisburg area next weekend?

I could make the trip to Hamburg for you, not a problem at all. I just don't want to take the froglets on a road trip with out knowing for sure they have a home.
Next weekend I will be helping install carpet in my house, so I won't be able to make a trip to Hbg then.

These 4 are pending!

Hey Kim,

You have anything else available?

Thanks, TJ

These guys are the only ones breeding for me. The only other thing I have available would be mini and semi mini african violet plants. In the near future I'll have leucs, but it seems I've got 3 female azureus. My mints aren't old enough for breeding yet.

Thanks for asking!

Are one of the Azureaus available for purchase?

Thanks, TJ

Bad as it sounds, I hadn't really thought of it. I don't know 100% for sure they are all females, but all 3 have the same body shape, so I'm guessing. 2 were out of the water 12/17/2009, the other is a bit younger. If you are looking for a female then I'd be willing to part with one.

I think I am because I am leaning towards males that I have. I have heard the faint buzzing call from them. But no tads yet and they look pretty similar, toepads, back arch and size. How much you think you want? I work with Jeremy aka Schreff and can meet ya tomorrow as well or ask him to grab for me. Did they come from Chris K as well?

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Thanks, TJ

Could I bother you for a pic or two? Could you pm me or email me them? I want to compare with what I have just to see. I might be able to help out with a male too....

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Thanks, TJ

Sending PM in a min

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