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wanted male bri bri


I am looking for a male bri bri. Sorry but I have nothing to trade at this point (unless you are an art fan and like my art, or in need of a logo or other work for your company or personal website, what you have seen on here of my art is a small part of what I can do, I will provide examples if you are interested). I am planning on trying to buy one though. I figure I would start asking now. PM me or email me at and email is preferable. Maybe you have a small group of babies you bought and you may end up with an extra male here in a while? Please keep me in mind.

Jason Talbott

Another note:
I will need pics of the male. Believe me that I can tell the difference between a bri bri and a small spot basti. This is not 100% everytime but it is what I look for.

1. As far as I know there are two froms of bri bri. One has the molten black appearance which is obvious and the other with small spots. Although they have small spots they are different looking than a bastis spotting, its hard for me to explain but its easy for me to recognize.

2. The feet will give away whether its a bri bri or a basti. On a bri bri the feet to one degree or another will be a sort of clearish blue. It can be the whole feet or the tips of the toes, but it has the clearish blue to them. Bastis are just solid. Although this may not be 100% every single time it is what I am looking for.

I said this for two reasons, one to save someone a lot of trouble just in case. The other to inform people who wouldn't know the difference by looking at them.

jason talbott

How about their belly? Bastis are white, bri bris are "mud."

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