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UK Frog Day video
It's our only dedicated frog event and this is only the 2nd one EVER. Unfortunately I didn't attend as it's a) a 4 hour drive and b) I have no money.

I do believe Stu and Shaz attended! ... r_embedded
Excellent. Looks VERY similar in size and scope to our own Frog Day 2011 in NYC.

Looks like there was a wide variety of animals, plants and supplies too.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Looked like a great time! Thanks for posting.
We got a great little crew over here guys as you see,Paul knows how damn hopless i am at these thing and i did,n't have to ask him to do that,thanks mate.
This show is down to one guy,whom got off his butt and made this happen unfortunately we couldn't attend the first one,due to life being nasty to us,anyway the guy whom made this happen is called Musty,we were privalaged to meet him he's really cool and very humble,some of our guys might not hear about this event other than on a great american forum like this so its great that Paul has popped this up. I think us dartfroggers were spoiled for chioce but there were quiet a few other frogs,apparently alot sold very very quickly once the doors were opened.Having dutch rana there was fantastic for us,the frogs Ruud brought over were stunning and as you can imagine with the reputation of holland as fatastic growers of plants that side was pretty amazing too, i know todd S would have spent hours on that stand. our friend Ben took us up...Phelsummerman...and so we had great company on the treck,thanks mate great to spend time with you again.
one of our local guys was there in force he makes vivs and also had a stunning selection of plants and pums.
It was great to finally meet alot of the folks that have helped us along here, too many to list in fact and too many to talk to properly,but at least we remember most of the faces now :oops: yes tempation did get the better of us,i'll let them settle and then you'll get your pics guys
Above and beyond all this again i want to thank Musty...Mustafa Isalay...i hope i have spelled that right,for getting down and dirty and making this happen,outrageous what one little guy can do, i hope this event goes from strength to strength
thankyou SIR

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