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[ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]I found a bunch of these tiny bugs chowing down on brown mushroom/toadstool mush. At first, I thought it was a pile of dog poop with fly larvae, but it didn't smell. The stick is a long thin wooden skewer. When I poked at the bug, it slowed down and I thought I had killed it, but after a little bit, it started moving again.

Any ideas as to what kind of multi-legged insect likes dead brown fungi mush?
Thats definitely a native iso.
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
Could be a good thing, possibly culturable ~
I have a rather large dead oak tree stump that's been rotting for the past 3 or 4 years. When it rained this year (yeah, just once), several groups of tall, slender, dark brown mushrooms popped up around the base of the stump. A day or so later, they turned to mush with all these tiny bugs eating away at them. The question now is, are they safe to feed my frogs? I put some of the bugs in a container with some mushroom stems just to see if they'd multiply. I'll open it outside, in case they pupate instead -
I have no direct experience with culturing them, but I have read that they have a much longer reproductive cycle than the tropical isos. Just something to consider before you spend time making a culture.
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
I'm considering culturing the local species as well to see how well they do. I often wonder if a higher humidity will aid in increased production of some of the cooler weather species.

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