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My first Tarapoto tad
Found 1 tadpole so far :lol: . I did take it out of the brom. I was going to leave it alone but just couldnt. Big Grin Here's 2 pics of the little fella...

Sorry pics are a lttle dark.

[Image: 2011-10-19_19-08-18_719.jpg]

[Image: 2011-10-19_19-07-38_949.jpg]
When the egg sac is gone what will it eat? Should I just put a tadpole bite in there? Its so small lol.
its tough to say...but yes, wait a day or so after the sac is gone. They eat a lot less than you think and you don't want complications from uneaten food fouling the water, Make sure the water level is not too deep either - they sometimes struggle to swim to the surface for air. Looks good though. Thumbnail tads can be a bit more delicate, than most others - tincs, leucs, auratus.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Like Phil said, wait a couple of days after the egg sac is gone to feed. Crush the tad bite between your thumb and forefinger. Only use about half of the tad bite at first. I raise mine in 8 oz. deli cups about half full. I put some pieces of dried leaves and a piece of java moss in the cup. They get fed Tad bites, frozen Cyclops and Black Worms. I only feed once or twice a week. Most will morph at about 10 weeks.
Awesome!!! Thanks!!

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