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Trying to find a viv insert(FCA), cube(FCA), or a EXO-TERRA

I'm new to the hobby. Wanting to setup my vivarium very soon so that I can have it ready in time for the frogday in Atlanta. I live in Charleston SC and do not believe anyone near me is into the hobby. I would love to get my hands on one of FCA setups; but, that doesnt look like that will happen this year. I've read his situation and looks like production will be greatly reduced or delayed. I've also tried to find a Exo-terra in the extra large (18x18x24) size that I can modify to work. The local store has the sm, med, and large; but, they don't have the tag to reorder( can't reorder what they have never ordered). I would like to house 4 thumbnails in whatever setup I get. Any suggestions or extra equipment other members would like to sell?

I work at a pet shop in Tulsa and most stores that carry any of a certain brand or manufacturer can (if they want and if you persist) order most or all other products from that manufacturer. stay persistant with your local pet stores.

You can either build your own vert tank or have someone do it for you. FCA's (Paul) are acrylic, but obtaining glass inserts is cheap, easy, and fast. Send me a PM and I can give you a contact or two.

For thumbs, I really like 18gal talls. They are cheap and can be found at most big pet stores. They are the same footprint as a 10gal so finding lights and a glass top for cheap is not a problem.

I personally have 18gal talls and 15gallon verts (FCA) for my thumbs which are housed in pairs.


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#4 and both sell the exo terra.

stitches and both sell the exo terra.
Blackjungle doesn't ship them. Cant figure out why. Kinda weird for a internet sales company

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