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Philsuma's Adopted Eldorados
Just wanted to post a couple of recent family pics. I adopted these little jewels from Phil. They have brought much joy to my family and me. I only wish I had acquired a few more. I have a calling male and at least two females. Hoping the tad thing will happen one day!

Thanks for looking!

Nice !

I know I've said before...but those are 2008 SNDF F1's

Craig (Cbreon) in Harrisburg Pa has that 1.1 breeding group now, it it's still very much a "frog factory".

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Very nice Ed! I currently have at least 3 froglets hopping around...I might be keeping them, but we'll see. The parrents are contsantly breeding like Phil said, they are great! I really wish someone could tell me what they really are, b/c they are quite different from my other eldo's. But for now, '08 SNDF "spotted eldorado" will have to do...

Probably just Bastis Phil pawned off as Eldorados (lol)---I can take those imposters off your hands if you like (lol)! Remember, I have a lien on first saleable offspring! Man, they love springtails!
I think between the Euro pics, The Chris Van-Book and now, Ray's awesome photo documentation....we should have a decent idea of what some of the frogs look like from certain areas.

It's ain't easy but as someone recently said....."is there more and better work to be done....sure.....but wev'e come light years from where we were in the hobby".

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Very cool looking frogs... Dig it.
bumping some eldorado goodness....Ray's POTM cover shot is a sibling of these (Ed's)

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Those are awesome. After seeing those, makes me want some!

Sam Cavoulas
Here's another shot! Big Grin
:lol: I love that orange coloring and spotting. Hey it's a reticulated Orange Basti! Wink beautiful El dorados

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