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1.7 Million lose power in the North East.

Take care of those frogs !

almost a foot of snow here in good ol'e Pennsyltucky :roll:





"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I had to wear a long sleeve shirt today because I have a mild cold. : )

Scott - North Dallas

I would hate to be in those 1.7mill. How would you be able to combat the cold with no power??


Same way I'm gonna combat the heat in SoFl when there's no power - gas generator.

A small propane tank with a burner attached, like you see in outdoor restaurants may be good too.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

too early for that cr**p. i'm sure you guys were a little surprised in october. my sister is in pittsburgh. i think she got less that you did though. she was on the fringe of it. hope everyones frogs do well during the outage.

In the 17 years I lived in Colorado I only remember one really bad snow blizzard in late October.

I always heard your not suppose to use a propane burner to heat your house (Stove or camping burner) - gives off toxic fumes - semi bad for people = worse for frogs - if were talking small scale, I would use an electric heater w the gas generator outside in the garage. Close off doors so you can accumulate heat in on area of house. If generator is big enough, I would think it could run the blower of the central heat unit.

Scott - North Dallas

That is right on the gas heaters in the house, many people have died that way. Unless it is either properly vented to the outside, or you ventilate the room well.
Generator is your best bet, but at a time like this the shelves will be empty very quickly, and in cities/apartments very hard to work out. Hope everyone & their frogs fare well!

I have been wondering what people do in this situation when they don't have any heat source... We are fortunate that we have the wood stove when power goes out.

In central NY

R. Imitator 'Cainarachi Valley' 2.3.0
R. Imitator 'Cainarachi Valley' Froglets 8 and counting.

I was very nervous about this storm mainly b/c all the electric into my neighborhood is above ground and there were a lot of big, old trees that still had all their leaves. My emergency plan would be to watch the temps in my frogroom , if they dipped below 65 then I would pack all my frogs in a cooler and move them temporarily to my parents. My frogroom is well insulated and in my basement so the ground temp is fairly constant. From what I can gather it would take at least 12 hours but probably more like 24 hrs with no heat for my frogroom to dip below 65 assuming outside temps are in the 30-40 range.

So, if I did lose power and 12-24 hours later the power still wasn't back on then I would pack them in the cooler. A warm bottle of water in that cooler would keep them good for at least another 12 hours if not longer. That buys you 24-36 hours before you have a real issue. Outside remote parts of the coutry that is enough time to deal with most power outages. The fact is, we ship frogs in tiny, dark boxes for longer then 12 hours with temps 60-65 and they ususally are fine. Furthermore, frogs can be kept in tiny plastic cups for days. Although it is not ideal, it will work long enough for you to avoid catastrophy. The thing that I am nervous about is a freak power outage while I am out of town with no way to know about it. Say, just my neighborhood loses power or just my street and it is Dec-Feb in PA, that would be very bad.

I'll have to PM you my cell #. If your or myself is out of town maybe we could help each other out in a situation like this. I'm Tj would even be willing to help out if the situation ever came. If Camp Hill loses power Lemoyne is usually screwed too though lol. If you lose power and I don't you could bring the frogs to my house or vise-versa. I think its a good Idea to have a frog buddy for situations like this.

Good idea, local support network, I like it!

exactly. That's why it's essential to go to these local frogger meetings and gatherings - to meet people for potential problems like this. Gotta have the local networks.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

You know I got your guys backs! Thankfully they did some upgrades in my area! The worse problem I had was 3 or 4 flickers with no more than 3 seconds loss...thankfully. My frogroom is on a couple hour backup with a future upgrade of a generator in case things are worse. I had bigger issues like sump pump when that hurricane hit. Then when power would come back on, the pump couldn't keep up. So now I have 2 pumps running with one primary and one backup with a battery backup supplying them. Going to do the same with the exhaust fan and temp control in room so nothing misses a beat. Too much money tied up into too many tanks to take a chance now. But anyone ever needs a hand or a warm place....I got ya!

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Thanks, TJ

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