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Best enclosure to use... Any thoughts?
Hello all Big Grin
I was just wondering. I don't have any frogs yet (I am still gathering information and trying to learning as much as I can) What would everyone say is the best starter tank? Is there a brand that seems better then the rest? A good size? I know I want something bigger then a twenty gallon.
What do you guys think?
Any thoughts would be great!
Alot of it really depends on what species of dart frog you will be keeping. Exo Terra makes a good glass terrarium that comes in many sizes-a few adjustments can be made to make it a really nice properly set-up home for your frogs, especially covering screen top with glass to keep in humidity.If you are keeping a climbing species go with the 18"x18"x24" size,if you are keeping a more ground oriented species a 18"x18"x18" size will work fine. You can also use an aquarium with a glass lid to use for your frogs-make sure lid is tight fitting! Most aquarium brands make decent quality products-some of the better brands (IMO) are aqueon,perfecto.
Thanks! I'm still not sure about what frogs I'll be keeping but I'll figure it out soon Smile
It seems like a lot of people use exo-terra so it must work good
Thanks for the info!

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