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Regina twins

I have posted some pics of a Regina twin egg in my gallery.
This is the second twin egg I have found in the last couple of months. The first egg was from an intermedius, which hatched out . The intermedius twins are doing great, these Reginas look a bit different in size and shape. I am not as optimistic about the Reginas morphing, but who knows. Anyone out there had any experience with twins before?

Twin frog eggs that is.


Rich I would be curious if they are monozygotic or dyzygotic. Does your brother have the capabilities of genetic testing? What generation where these from, F1? I'm sure you will be keeping track of these two little guys.

It has been suggested by Alexander Stubbs that we have Tor Linbo test our intermedius, I see no reason why they will not morph out to be tested later. I expect them to morph out in less than a month.

The terribilis on the other hand may not make it to morphing. They just seem to be at different levels of developement. I certainly am hoping for the best.


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