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new, future frogger

Hello, my name is Mike and I live in Tallahassee, Fl. I have recently become fascinated with frogs, more specifically PDF's. I have never cared for frogs but have always had some kind of "critter" since I was a kid. Currently, we (my two sons, 11 & 15, and myself) have 2 corn snakes, 1 gray rat snake, 1 ball python, 3 scorpions of different species, 15 tarantulas of 11 different species, and a dubia roach colony. Not to mention 1 dog, 2 cats, 6 chickens, 2 guinea hens, and a turkey that follows me EVERYWHERE. I have a 29G tank sitting and will most likely use that for my first viv. I am still digging up info on which frogs I want before I build my viv. I'm sure I will have many Q's along the way. I'm very excited to get started to say the least!

Wow, what spiders are you keeping? My buddy has some Poecilotheria ornata and Poecilotheria regalis that are just stunning! I have kept scorpions in the past, mostly wild caught. Frogs is an awesome hobby and you will enjoy every minute of it.

We have 1 Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Green bottle blue), 1 Brachypelma emilia (Mexican redleg), 1 Avicularia avicularia (Pink toe), 1 Ephebopus murinus (Skeleton Leg), 1 Poecilotheria rufilata (Redslate ornamental), 1 Poecilotheria striata (Mysore ornamental), 2 Psalmopoeus cambridgei (Trinidad chevron), 2 Avicularia versicolor (Antilles pink toe), 2 Phlogiellus baeri (Philippine dwarf), and 3 Grammostola rosea (Chilean rose hair). I used to have a Poecilotheria regalis but it died as a s'ling. Hmm, thats only 10 species, lol. I need to fix my first post. Most species of tarantula are very stunning indeed, especially with digital cameras that can capture colors that the naked eye just cant see.

Yeah get some pics up, especially of those Poecilotherias. My wife simply wont do spiders, and with all the stuff she does let me keep I respect it... I wish I could keep a Poecilo or 2 but I'll stick with the compromise. I do want to look into orchid or ghost mantids, or maybe even a few Florida native Gonatista grisea.

I saw you are also keeping Dubias. I love them. Not only are the nyphs great feeders, but the adults (especially the females) are stunning!

Welcome to Dart Den Mike !

I hope to be down in Gainesville full-time after the new year. If you have some experience with other "exotic" animals or fish /'ll fit right in -an quick too ! Dart Frogs are easy to care for and very rewarding animals to observe and learn from. You'll be hooked after acquiring some. Guaranteed.

Take your time to read and devour numerous threads and then ask away !


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

EntoCraig,Ill work on pics this weekend. As for the dubia the adults creep me out when they crawl on me. The nymphs are very much different and soft.

Philsuma, my first job way back in 1990 was at Orcutt Aquarium. A little mom and pop LFS that speciallized in reef tanks. I was hooked at age 15! LOL I no longer have a reef tank after my wife let my kids dump several large local hermit crabs in the tank. I had no idea until the next morning when my tank was desolate!! They ate everything!! I gave up on it and got into other things like tarantulas.

I ventured into reef tank but quickly ventured out. The amount of time and $ wasn't worth the reward to me. But then again I had about 20 tanks instead of just one fancy show tank. I still have 6 freshwater, SA tanks. (3 show and 3 grow) ... Converted all my other tanks into frog tanks. Less water is bliss...

Dubias creep you out huh? lol, but the spiders dont? Personally I would be more creeped by the spiders. Im more of a mantis guy, but I appreciate some of the spider hobby specimens.

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