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Came downstairs to a surprise...
So I was turning lights on this am before work and seen something in my tarapoto tank...

Will try to get some better pics tonight or get out the dslr and do some real shots. Was in a hurry and needed to get rolling right away for work, so pic sucks.
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Thanks, TJ
Cool....tad in a wood feature cavity ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Actually a egg stuck to the side of the tank, with a huge mass of jelly. Definately was not what I was expecting from a thumbnail frog. So now I cant wait to go home and search for more.

The picture does look like it is in the wood cavity, so I apologize on the crappy pic. I thought that myself when I saw it this am, but had to get going to work. I am hoping it will get fertilized, didnt appear to be this am being white. But it wasnt there before, just showed up this morning. Keeping fingers crossed!
Thanks, TJ

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