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D. melanogaster lifespan and ideal temperatures

From Wikipedia:

The D. melanogaster lifespan is about 30 days at 84 °F.

The developmental period for Drosophila melanogaster varies with temperature, as with many ectothermic species.

The shortest development time (egg to adult), 7 days, is achieved at 82 °F.Development times increase at higher temperatures (11 days at 86 °F) due to heat stress.

Under ideal conditions, the development time at 77 °F is 8.5 days.

At 64 °F it takes 19 days.

At 54 °F it takes over 50 days.

Under crowded conditions, development time increases, while the emerging flies are smaller.Females lay some 400 eggs (embryos), about five at a time, into rotting fruit or other suitable material such as decaying mushrooms and sap fluxes. The eggs, which are about 0.5 millimetres long, hatch after 12–15 hours (at 77 °F).The resulting larvae grow for about 4 days,while molting twice (into 2nd- and 3rd-instar larvae), at about 24 and 48 hours after hatching.During this time, they feed on the microorganisms that decompose the fruit, as well as on the sugar of the fruit itself. Then the larvae encapsulate in the puparium and undergo a four-day-long metamorphosis, after which the adults eclose (emerge).

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Definately a good interesting read! I wondered about development times with temperatures! I am glad you posted this! Might have to try some different things now and see. Might be able to change schedule on cultures with less waste and better production at the sametime.

Thanks, TJ

Thanks Phil, great to know.

In the last paragraph, where it mentions "crowded conditions" if that refers to having crowded flies, or crowded larvae?

In central NY

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Both - either/or. I think most all of our "hobby cultures" qualify as crowded.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I use fresh paper towels about once every other week instead of re-spraying. I totally soak them then put them in front of a fan until they are totally dry. Just had mite paper delivered today, so I'm gonna see how that works.

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