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Zilla substrate ok to use ?
Hi. I found Zilla Fir and Sphagnum substrate at the LFS yesterday, and they also have some sort of Zilla bark though I can't remember what type of bark it was. I was thinking of blending those with some coco fiber and maybe charcoal. Would that make a substrate close to the ABG mix ? I would like to start with those two things, but also want to avoid making anything that would stick to the frogs, so any suggestions are welcome.

Yes...a blend is what you want. ABG is a mixture that many people make their own adjustments to, heck, you can even add some aquarium store plant flourite or similar for some added calcium benefit.

One component you want to be sure to add is Sphagnum (LSS), milled. If it's too big, you can mill it by hand, by just rubbing it into some smaller pieces. No worries.

Another absolutely important substrate item is leaf litter. You need it. The best is 2-3 layers with large, clean , dried magnolia leaves and perhaps a topping of smaller live oak or pin oak. Absolute must for many, many husbandry details and to helps keep stuff from "sticking to the frogs', as you say.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Fantastic!! Thanks Phil Smile

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I use 1/2 Zilla Repti bark and 1/2 Zilla jungle mix. It drains well and works good for me. Simple too.

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