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My 55g Viv

Its been set up for about a month or so. Everything is in and ready to go minus about 10 broms and frogs lol. I see springtails when I mist it, so I guess that's a good thing. Cant wait till I get the frogs in there. I think Im going to put my 3 Cobalt's in there. I have it lit with 2 48' 6500k T5HO bulbs. I'm really hoping the plants start growing. It looks so bare right now.

[Image: 2011-11-21_17-58-04_129.jpg]

[Image: 2011-11-21_17-57-47_914.jpg]

Looks nice ! Make sure to take temp readings from inside the tank due to the HO bulbs and enclosed top, ect.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Im going to have 2 120mm fans running. One pushing, one pulling. The back is completely open to. I will keeping an eye on it before the frogs go in.

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Great start! Are you going to do broms on the BG or vining plants (or both)? I know people love broms, but there is something so cool about a BG totally covered in vines (like Stu's tanks with the pumilia quercifolia). Are those shrooms coming out of the wood on the right?

-Field Smith
Some frogs...

Looks great so far!
I'll bring along a grab bag of plant cuttings tonight in case you want to throw some on your back ground.

Yea the shrooms are coming out of the wood. Im going to do both, I want about 10 broms on the BG then the rest covered in vines.

That would be awesome Kim. Thanks!!!

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