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leucs or tincs ?
hi every one. i have set up a vivarium but do not know what kind of dart frog to put in it i like leucs and citronella tincs but do not know what 1 to pick.
what one breeds most ?
how often does either one breed ?
and how long etheir one will take to mature for breeding ?

I want one that breeds like crazy, so the one you say should be one that breeds more not which one you like more.


I wouldn't pick your first frog based upon breeding frequency or maturation time. If you are getting into darts as a hobby, I would pick a hardy species that is more tolerant of environmental fluctuations. If you are looking for an all-around great first choice, you can't beat D. leucomelas. They are hardy, bold, easily seen in the viv, relatively inexpensive, and have a great call. If you are getting into this to make money, I would suggest reading this: general-questions-and-comments-f12/making-money-in-the-dart-frog-hobby-t4005.html
May I ask why you put this in the feeding section?
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
Both species are very good beginner selections and are hardy.

They are relatively inexpensive and are commonly available.

You must concentrate on keeping them healthy and growing first. Froglets can take over a year to reach sexual maturity, so you'll have plenty of time to read up on breeding. No rush.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
dear field smith i dont know its my first time on the forum and i did not know how to change the section it is in
Welcome Dart Frogs,
I'm glad you found this forum, I am new to dart frogs myself (don't even have any yet) and I have learned SO much here, and am still learning of course!
Read all you can and you will be amazed at this resource!
In central NY

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R. Imitator 'Cainarachi Valley' Froglets 8 and counting.
How big is your viv? If you have a large enough one, thirty gallon plus, I would go leucs because you can keep a small group and they are fascinating to watch. If you have a smaller one like a 20 gal go with a pair of tincs. They are enjoyable and certain morphs are very active. I recently made a deal with a local breeder who had to exit the hobby and now have both. I have 5 leucs set up in a large hex viv and a pair of bakhuis. The leucs are little piggies while the bakhuis are more reserved and male is usually the one out and exploring. But it is common to see the pair walking together. Big Grin
I have a a 50 gallon.
Based on your first post and then tank size. I would recommend Dendrobates leucomelas.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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