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Proper top / Lid covering for tanks
I cut my exoterra glass tops about an inch short then I add a strip of solar screen material as a vent. I just squish the material into some silicone and I tape it off to get a clean line. I save the cut glass as a cover for the vent so I can adjust air flow through the viv.
I use this setup combined with some custom hoods that I build that help maintain consistent airflow through my tanks.
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Unfortunately the glass cover that came with the viv does cover almost all of it, but there are those holes at the back of the viv for tubes and such, none of which are being used. We're not going to cut the glass but instead drill a few more holes at the back. Also I just read that thread about CO2 and blowing into the vivarium. Right now I'm misting at least twice a day plus feeding every other day, so I'm going to try that. Hopefully this will provide extra needed ventilation while combating the SoCal dryness and/or AC. (Coincidentally it's humid this week and next, but that's pretty rare.)
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Great design Jim, not much DIY skill required and adds some flexibility to control humidity via ventilation.
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