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armed robbery in New Orleans

well, summer in new Orleans, what can you say. nobody has money and the tempers rise with the heat. our coffee shop was robbed by a very agitated man with a big gun about 5:30 this morning. he got about $550, but man are we lucky! no one was hurt, and given that the murder rate is about one person per day, i am sooo thankful. last year in June they had a block party in the neighborhood that starts two blocks from my house because it was the first day that year that no one had been shot in that neighborhood (IN JUNE! in that one neighborhood!)

take some time to enjoy being alive today!

Mack that is terrible. Like you said, nobody got hurt, thank the big guy on that one. Did the guy make off with it, or did he get caught? As 'intelligent' as the human race is, I don't think we will ever get social science right.

Wow, glad no one was hurt thats the main can always make more money.

no, the guy got away. i don't hold any hope they'll catch him, like i said things are pretty rough in the summer here. the cops which hang out here late night took it pretty personally, though. it's nice to know they'll be keeping an eye on us, and we get door buzzers today.
you hit it on the nose....all money looks just the same.

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