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Found the Camera

Finally found the camera. Was in my wonderful little girls room. I look there first next time. I took a couple of pics. If anyone sees a potential problem, Please let me know. I still have to add all the gauges and the permanent mister, but it looks like its almost done. Not in a hurry though. Still haven't gotten its new occupants yet.

That is awsome!! Big Grin is this your first viv? what's going in it?

beautiful work!

It is my 1st. It's amazing how easy it really is. Very intimidating until you start putting it together. Everything just falls into place. The hardest part was figuring out how to have access to the pump, just in case. I made an access area behind the wall. I can just pull the pump up and replace it if necessary. The rest was FUN. I am planning on getting a pair of Azureus. Can't Wait......

That looks great!

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