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Buy & Sell Dart Frogs and Supplies for Free
Hello everyone. I am a long term hobbyist and lover of dart frogs. In the past I have been looking for few dart frogs and had some trouble with communication with the sellers as well as getting the frogs I wanted. I decided to create a website to help people connect in hopes of buying and selling dart frogs, other frogs, and supplies for those animals. Anyone is welcome to list their supplies, vendors or what ever they want.

Where Selling your Frogs and Supplies is Free & Easy!

Hope it helps someone and also helps the community

[Image: frogsalesnet.jpg]

Can we ask who you are, and where you are located ? There's no personal information on your website...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Right now I am in Florida. I move around a lot due to my job. I have been on a number of different forums reading about dart frogs and such. I have a few darts and love them to death. I just wanted to make it so other people who are buying and selling darts and other frogs a better place to get together and sell. Its a bit hard for some people to visit many different forums all the time and post ads, or speak to people through PM all the time. I figured why not create a website where everyone can easily connect.

Hope that it is helpful and works good Smile
If it may be helpful to people to feel better to list their frogs and supplies online, ill put some personal info on there. I just didn't really want the site to be about me as I am just hosting ads. No money or transactions are taking place through the site.

If you guys have any recommendations that would help me out a lot. Its pretty new so anything helps.
Unless you but "a little face" behind your're not going to be well received until people begin to trust you, that you are not some kind of scam - lots of those these days...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yeah I know what you mean about that. Well in this case I am not sure how I can scam people when they put up their own ads and money doesn't transfer through the site. I don't take any payments besides if they want to be featured and that money goes to donations as well as is listed on the facebook page every month, along with stats of the site. I put up a little about myself and well I guess I just made the site to help people so if its not really helping its not worth much to me Smile

Hope to see some ads there someday though
cyristvirus Wrote:If it may be helpful to people to feel better to list their frogs and supplies online, ill put some personal info on there. I just didn't really want the site to be about me as I am just hosting ads. No money or transactions are taking place through the site.

If you guys have any recommendations that would help me out a lot. Its pretty new so anything helps.

Your certainly welcome to be a part of this community, however you will need to earn the respect of people before they will trust you as a viable "business".

A first and last name would be a good place to start. I would never do biz with you wout this. Any credentials or references?

Scott McManus
DFW area
Scott - North Dallas
Well my name is Lee Adams. I own five dart frogs and am a member of a number of other forums. I don't post much and I mostly just read what people post and then try to make my frog's home as nice as possible. I love my dart frogs and I think frogs are a great animal and for some reason I am very emotionally attached to them, more than any other animal I have ever had.

I really don't care if people "do business" with me. Its a free service so I am not really taking business besides maybe viewers. I'm not going to affiliate with any of the suppliers so I am not getting a dime from them. I just happen to be someone who cares about dart frogs, wants others to be able to sell and buy frogs in possible better way then posting on forums as their only option, and that's really it. I went to the recent repticon in Florida this last weekend to see if I could meet some people and was surprised of how small it was. I left some business cards with one of the owners of the convention and talk with him for a bit. Other than that, I don't really have any reputation. I buy from alpha pro breeders for my flies and got some frogs from Josh's frogs. I also talked with another gentlemen whose a hobbyist like myself for my other frogs and that's about it.

Anyways I hope that the site can help some people. If it doesn't work out its really no lost, I put some time into and not really much money. Like I said, just trying to make things a bit more easier to connect. Not trying to take advantage of anyone like I guess a lot of others do.
Appreciate you taking the time to offer some transparency. That goes a long way in the virtual world.

I will look over your website over the next few days and share any tips that might help you out.

Until then have a great evening
Scott - North Dallas
Thanks a lot for your feedback and openness to the site. I don't want to step on any toes when making a site for people advertise on as I know many people may visit these forums and post their ads here which brings in a profit. My goal is to help the community by making it easier. Glad to be here and hope to hear some feedback soon Smile
Hi Lee, I guess my question is what will be different about your site than the 3 or 4 already existing sites that offer the same service plus the conveinence of discussion forums, established communities, and many long-term reputations?

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to discourage what you are trying to do, but as someone who buys and sells frogs, why would I come to your site when the other three already more than fulfill my needs?

Hi Craig,

I guess I haven't really seen those sites besides the forums that I have visited. Those sites seem to be focused on discussion and not selling your frogs and supplies, but just so happen to have a place to sell them. I think that though this may work for you and your hobby/business, it is a bit of an inconvenient for others who are not wanting to join a discussion forum for frogs just to buy one. Most people that come to these forums, I would imagine are looking for information about frogs and not specifically for trying to buy frogs.

Another positive thing about a is that its free and the more free and doesn't take but a few moments to post a listing, making it so that its another way to get your frogs or supplies visible for those who don't happen to visit forums. For a hobbyist who wants to sell their frogs or someone who is just stating as a hobbyist, I think that this would be a great advantage.
This forum is free

This forum doesn't take long to register and use.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I would agree with you. Anyways all I am saying is its another avenue. I can understand why you guys may not want to use it, as well as not really support people visiting an outside website to sell things, I am just a happy frog owner and wanted to allow others to share the love buy allowing them another way to buy and sell frogs.

Thanks for your suggestions and comments.
Don't get me wrong Lee...and I think I speak for a lot of the old timers when I say this, but we've seen a lot of people trying to reinvent the wheel. That said, I LOVE modifications and tinkering with things to bring about change and move the hobby forward.

Your main "competitor" will be While certainly not's just about 90% of the entire Herp classified ads here in the U.S.

And as Craig said, a lot of people, even newbies like the fact that we have been around since 2004 and have long standing members with a vested interest in the community - truly a human face behind the "for sale sign".

I do wish you the best of luck and hope you'll stay around. I like this type of discussion.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I am surely not trying to take anything from your site. Just giving another option to us frog people. I know someday I may be trying to sell some of my frogs and would use the forums as well as other sites as a means to sell them to good people. There is nothing wrong with placing an listing on and then having it re-direct to a forum posting, I encourage that.
Lee, my point was to say there are already multiple free avenues, (dartfrogz, dartden, dendroboard, etc) with an established audience and an established community. It seems you will be investing time in creating your website and I wanted you to realize the other sites that already exist. Hopefully this info will help you with the design and development of your site. For the most part the people who frequent the sites above are a open-minded group and if your site offers something new and useful I'm sure many will visit.

You may also want to consider some of the bad experiences that hobbyists and businessmen have had on all the forums and classifieds, for this I would recommend some sort of rating system. You don't want your site to be known as a place where the buyer beware. One of the reasons the communities on the above forums exist is to help to prevent a bad experience. They do this through vendor feedback, education,information, conversation and the resulting reputations (all those rhymes made me feel like Jackie Childs, the lawyer from Seinfield). When you get your site up and running, please let us know. Good luck
Nice looking site it looks well put together.

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