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Azureus eggs and tads by Venomos
Soooo Kim posts she has eggs in less than 24hrs... I'm like wtf!!! You have to be kidding me! So meanwhile I'm at work reading her thread, jealous as all hell...I'll admit it! Lol! I can't stop thinking about going home and going through my Viv with a fine tooth comb. Well my guys didn't disappoint! Apparently they have been busy for a little while. Found three clutches! Couple bad ones it looks like, but some pretty well developed ones! [Image: 32200988-cdec-ac20.jpg]
[Image: 32200988-cdfc-e5ef.jpg]
[Image: 32200988-ce13-ee82.jpg]
[Image: 32200988-ce25-e859.jpg]
[Image: 32200988-ce38-8b8d.jpg]
[Image: 32200988-ce4a-f919.jpg]
Thanks, TJ
I have to give a shout out to Kim for the trade we did, otherwise this wouldn't be possible for me right now! Kim, thank you again! You have made my week for me now!

Another bonus is my wife bought me my Nikkor macro lens...but she won't let me have it til Christmas! Grrrr! So I have to apologize for the iPhone pics. But as soon as Christmas is here, I will have all kinds of awesome photos to share with you all!
Thanks, TJ
ahh...the power of the local frogger groups...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
AWESOME!!! I'm just now seeing this, and I'm so glad that your frogs were on the ball LOL.
I dont have a macro lens, so I'm sure your photo's will blow mine away once you get yours LOL. I just use those little macro filters on my Canon Rebel T3, so I'll be the jealous one Smile
Congrats on the eggs!!
Well...1 more azureus egg found, 2 more tarapoto eggs, and just found in my Orange Lamasi/Sirensis tank 2 bad eggs, 2 good eggs, a tad in the first leaf on the front brom, and a froglet. So since there are 4 huge broms in there, I am pretty sure I will be suprised to find quite a bit more in that tank! I will post some pics soon!
Thanks, TJ

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